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Take Advantage of Fantastic Subaru Price Reductions


There has never been a better time to buy a brand new Subaru vehicle. The company has recently reduced the prices of all their cars in Australia, with some vehicles being reduced by up to a whopping $14,000. These savings also extend to demo cars. Perth motorists seeking a bargain will see a significant price drop. Although this may have a detrimental effect on resale prices for existing customers, it offers a fantastic opportunity for the new buyer. This will also be important when looking at Subaru demo car offers. Perth motorists stand to save a significant amount of money whether they buy new or used Subaru cars.


There are a few reasons for these price reductions and it’s important to understand them. Firstly, the currency exchange rate is a very significant factor when importing cars and at the moment it strongly favours the Australian buyer. Next the Japanese Free Trade agreement between Japan and Australia has not been legislated. Finally, an improvement in manufacturing efficiency has led to a saving that can be passed on to the customer.


Of course Subaru is a business, and they would love to sell you a car, but what does this price change mean for them. Well, the car market in Australia is extremely competitive and by taking advantage of these new pricing factors Subaru can reposition themselves in the marketplace. Subaru are hoping to attract a whole new customer base with their enticing offers. This will not only increase new sales in the short term, but it will also lead to the sales of more demo cars. Perth motorists will be able to take advantage of some fantastic deals.


So how amazing are these price reductions? As an example, it’s possible right now to get a saving of 25% on the Subaru Liberty and Outback models. In real terms, this means a saving on the flagship Liberty 3.6R model of $14,000 in total. Now it’s important to note that this is not discounted older stock! These are the latest 2015 models newly arrived from Japan and bang up to date. It is unknown how long these prices can remain so low as the currency exchange rate can vary, but right now they offer tremendous value. For those seeking to save even more money Subaru demo cars are also cheaper to buy as the price reductions have taken effect.


However, not all models in the range have had such dramatic reductions in price. As an example, the Forester has had a more modest reduction of $1,000. The real value is not that cut and dried though as the new Forester has had a swath of updates. This means that in real terms the Forester would have cost more to buy, so the perceived price cut actually represents far more value than it appears.


If they are interested in taking advantage of the amazing Subaru deals currently available for new and former demo cars, Perth motorists should speak to us. We will be happy to arrange a test drive and answer any questions or queries that you may have.